Angelscopes for the week of September 14 – 20, 2015

This week I will be using three decks, the Archangel Michael Oracle cards, the Angel Tarot cards, and the Romance Angels Oracle cards. Hope you all enjoy and find the guidance needed. Deck cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

My wishes for this week is to have your hearts filled with love, compassion, and faith. My love and blessings to you all.



Its Time to LeaveFrom Archangel Michael: It’s Time to Leave This Unhealthy Situation.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, what parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right now? Thank you for helping me hear your answers and for giving me the courage to make healthy changes in my life.

1 Ace of FireFrom Angel Tarot: Ace of Fire

An exciting new opportunity! Career achievement. Change your life now!

True LoveFrom the Romance Angels: True Love

This is the romance of a life time!

Walk away from the negativity, bad habit, bad relationship, or whatever it is. Don’t hang on to the things you know aren’t good for you. It is time to let go and to focus on the great opportunities you have in front of you. Ask and thank your angels for their guidance. Great job opportunities in the near future for you, as well as a big surprise in the love/relationships department! Either you find the one you’ve been waiting for, or your current relationship improves notably from now on. Things are going to be great for you, Aries!


InnocenceFrom Archangel Michael: Innocence

Prayer: Dear God and angels, thank you for helping me see that all of your qualities of pure love and light are reflected within me and all others. Help me embrace my God-given innocence so that I may be at peace.

3 of EarthFrom Angel Tarot: Three of Earth

The power of creativity. Recognition for very high-quality work. Be a “team player.”


TrustFrom the Romance Angels Oracle: Trust

This situation is calling for you to have faith.

Forgive yourself for the things that you did, they’re part of your past and can’t change them. Ask others for forgiveness, the only need you need to carry with you is the lesson learned, not the weight of the guilt. Be assured that your soul has grown because of those experiences. Don’t focus on the bad of every situation, look for the goodness or the lesson within the bad, either way you are learning.

This week your creativity will be at a high point. Follow your instincts and your passion. Be open to other’s ideas and points of view. Trust that you are where you’re supposed to be; trust that what you’re going through, good or bad, is supposed to be a lesson of love and growth, also it is supposed to prepare you for a future experience. Trust the love of God, Taurus!


Shield YourselfFrom Archangel Michael: Shield yourself

Prayer: Archangel Michael, I ask you to protect me, my loved ones, my vehicle, and my home with your powerful shield. Surround us in your purple light, which allows only pure love to penetrate. Please stay with me day and night, and keep my loved ones safe.

You are highly sensitive this week, Cancer. Call upon Archangel Michael to shield and protect you, also avoid situations where there is anger, gossip, and lower energies involved as well as harsh chemicals. Be kind towards others.

0 The DreamerFrom Angel Tarot: 0 – The Dreamer; Archangel Metatron:

A leap of faith. Follow your dreams. Unexpected opportunities.

Believe and have confidence in yourself! The guidance and gut feelings are real, follow your instincts, they are there to guide you to your success. Be assured that the love, guidance and protection from your angels is with you in every step of the way.

Keep an Open MindFrom the Romance Angels: Keep an Open Mind.

Your soul mate may differ from your usual type and expectations.

Don’t judge the book by its cover. Love could be presented by an unexpected person or in an unexpected way. Take your time, there is a potential of at least an amazing friendship. If is work related, you might find fulfillment in a new endeavor you didn’t give much thought before.


Have ConfidenceFrom Archangel Michael: Have Confidence.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, please lend me your courage and fortitude. Help me realize that I am one with all that is Divine: wisdom, strength, love, creativity, abundance, and health. Allow me to feel confident about myself in all ways.

Self-confidence is not always an issue for Leos, however lately you might have been doubting yourself. No need for that Leo! Know that you are part of the Universe, part of God, including His love, compassion, and wisdom. You are capable of great things. Trust your inner guidance is leading you to the success you dream of. Use the Law of Attraction and tips to rise your vibrations. Everything you need is within you.

2 of AirFrom Angels Tarot: Two of Air

Being unable to make a decision. A stalemate. Pretending there is no problem.

Have the courage follow your dreams! You have the protection from AA Michael (Previous card) this is confirmation of your indecision, you know the answer. Your inner guidance is leading you so you can learn from a new experience. Believe that you will be making the right choice, if doubt doesn’t go anywhere, ask your angels, archangels, and spirit guides for guidance and trust them when it comes to you.

Let Go Of Control IssuesFrom the Romance Angels: Let go of Control Issues.

Allow this situation to unfold naturally.

Don’t force things to happen, God’s timing is perfect. Perhaps not getting what you want is also a blessing. Trust God’s infinite wisdom. The way things are now are not optimal for that relationship you want. Stop trying to control the what, when, where, and how. Let things unfold naturally and enjoy the process.


Keep Your Eyes on Your TargetedFrom Archangel Michael: Keep your Eyes on your Targeted Intention

Prayer: Thank you, Archangel Michael, for helping me focus on my inner vision and intention. I ask for your guidance in releasing any fears of doubts, granting me the confidence and courage to take action toward realizing my dreams.

Keep doing what you’re doing, you are being guided by the forces above (angels and archangels). The more you visualize your dream job, relationships, success, the more you attract it. It all starts with a grateful heart.

0 The DreamerFrom Angels Tarot: 0 – The Dreamer: Archangel Metatron

A leap of faith. Follow your dreams. Unexpected opportunities.

Talk about dreams! This is just confirmation of the card above. You’re focused on your dreams and you have faith and trust you’re in the right path. Don’t let things change, keep up the amazing things you are doing.

Romantic FeelingsFrom the Romance Angels: Romantic Feelings.

Your feelings are real and worth exploring.

Someone new in your life makes your heart flutter, another synchronicity in your life when you put your heart, love, and intention in what you do. When you do the right things, when you follow your life path, the right things come to you in every aspect, health, abundance, love, and so on. This is one stupendous week for you, Virgo!


Decide to be Happy NowFrom Archangel Michael: Decide to be Happy Now.

Prayer: Thank you for helping me open my heart to happiness, joy, and bliss. I am now willing to see all the goodness in my life.

The time is now, not tomorrow when you have everything you want, not yesterday when you had what you wanted. Happiness comes from being tankful for the small blessings in our lives. For some of you, there is a message from heaven: “Be happy, I want you to be happy. I will always be with you!” Don’t use your energy in any drama situations, detach from it and focus your energy in the amazing blessings in your life, those little things we usually take for granted.

Page of EarthFrom Angels Tarot: Page of Earth – Scholarly, Dependable, Patient, Successful.

Good news about financial matters. Wanting to do something more challenging. A new area of study.

You might be guided to do something new, going back to school or researching a new way to attract wealth. You have the inspiration and the focus to do it. Know that you are being lovingly guided and provided to follow your dreams.

Release Your ExFrom the Romance Angels: Release your Ex

The time has come to clear your energy.

Meditation will help, think and release the feelings that keep you from being happy again. Ask your angels and archangels to clear you energy field, and to cut energy cords still attached to your aura, spend time in nature. Write that person a letter and burn it and at the same time release those feelings still inside you. It might take time but know that you’re being loved and supported by your team of angels.


Let Go of FearFrom Archangel Michael: Let go of Fear. . . Now.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, please help me feel safe and deserving of your guidance. Thank you for clearing me of heavy, toxic, or ego-based thoughts or feelings.

Fear of what could happen is just keeping you from enjoying the moment and being happy. Fear comes from the inability to control things and people around you. Ask AA Michael to help you release that fear, and to help you accept the happiness, love, support, and abundance you have in your life, you deserve it!

20 RenewalFrom Angel Tarot: 20 – Renewal. Archangel Jeremiel

Review and evaluate. A Favorable assessment of the facts. Time to move in a new direction.

This card definitely relates to the card above. It is time to renew yourself. Changes are necessary, there is a need of releasing hurt and fears from the past. Archangel Michael and Jeremiel will guide you through this process. Reevaluate your life, keep the good and release the bad; make room for new wonderful experiences.

It is Safe for You to LoveFrom the Romance Angels: It is safe for You to Love

Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.

The message continues; the fears and need to control things around you are keeping you from giving and receiving the love that surrounds you. You deserve to be happy and loved!!


Pay Attention to Your DreamsFrom Archangel Michael: Pay Attention to your Dreams

Prayer: Thank you for tucking me into bed tonight and helping me enjoy a wonderful restful night’s sleep. Archangel Michael, I invite you into my dreams as my teacher, guide, and healer. Please allow me to understand this situation on a spiritual level and give me guidance.

You’ve asked for guidance and it is coming to you in your dreams. Take notes first thing in the morning or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Ask the angels, archangels, and Spirit guides to help you interpret the message. Might need to do some research about the meaning of the repeated dreams.

8 of EarthFrom Angel Tarot: Eight of Earth

Skilled work is rewarded. Learning all there is to know about a topic. Going back to school. Your inspiration to learn something new comes from you following your life path. It may require you go back to school, to read all the information possible about the new interest, or to find a mentor that can guide you and prepare you for what’s ahead.

ChildrenFrom the Romance Angels: Children

Your love life is being affected by children.

You might need to take a break and have a date only with your partner to rekindle the passion in your relationship. Your children will benefit from it too by seeing you happy and connected to your loved one. For some of you it means someone in the relationship is acting like a child, as long as it means being carefree, and enjoying life in its splendor.


Write AboutFrom Archangel Michael: Write your Thoughts and Feelings

Prayer: Thank you for helping me tap into my God-given creativity and wisdom so I clearly express myself and glean insight, blessings, and healing.

This card indicates that you’re confused by conflicted feelings and are unsure of what direction to go in. Write what’s in your heart, do not worry about language. Keep your journal, it will help you gain clarity in your current situation. Perhaps you have been thinking about writing a book, blog, or an article about an experience. Know that you are being guided to do so to help others in the same situation. The experience will also help you release those feelings you’ve been keeping inside.

From Angel Tarot: Two of Earth

Too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach.

Too many things going on in your life right now. Juggling career, home, school, children, all this can take a toll on you. Might help if you delegate some work and or home chores. This may be related to the card above, with everything you have going on, writing a journal can help you detach from the situation and find a way to work things out in a more functional way for you and those around you.

Healing Family IssuesFrom the Romance Angels: Healing Family Issues.

Your love benefits as you forgive your parents.

Release any negative feelings towards your mother and father. The decisions they made affected you but also made you the person you are. They did the best with what they had. By forgiving, you are also releasing any toxic energy that keeps you from being happy and fulfilled. You will see your relationships improve especially with those close to you.


Sense of HumorFrom Archangel Michael: Sense of Humor

Prayer: Thank you for helping me see the humor in this situation so I can lovingly laugh at human nature. I am willing to view my experience in a new light in order to attract love and healing energy.

Laughter is the best medicine! If you’re feeling down, watch a funny video or movie. It will help get your spirits up and to get rid of any anger or fear you might be feeling. It will also help clear your mind and see things from a new perspective.

15 EgoFrom Angel Tarot: 15 – Ego. Archangel Jophiel.

A false sense of entrapment. Being overly focused on material things. Negative or fear-based thoughts.

Most fears are product of our mind and imagination. Needs and wants are two different things. If you are spending or focusing your energy on the things you do not have, then it might be time to take a look around, you have accomplished so much and have many things to be grateful for. Don’t let these feelings take over. Remember that gratitude for the things you have accomplished and have, attracts the things your heart desires. Take a careful look at the things that occupy your mind the most. Addictions, temptations, codependency, and so on.

Honey MoonFrom the Romance Angels: Honeymoon.

Enjoy the bliss of holiday time together.

It might be a literal honeymoon, or perhaps you need to spend some time by yourself and enjoy your own company. Good time to reflect and clear your mind. For some, you will meet someone new while on vacation. A getaway for the hitched ones.


Romance AngelsFrom Archangel Michael: Romance Angels are Helping You.

Prayer: Dear guardian angels of my soul mate, thank you for preparing my soul mate and me for love, for giving us the motivation to make healthful life changes, and for arranging for us to meet. Thank you for helping us recognize each other and have the courage to say “Hello,” so that we can eventually delve into a truly intimate relationship.

Your angels have heard your prayers. Be sure that they have the best interest and that any delay is for the better of you and your partner. Have an open mind and an open heart so you will recognize the opportunity when it presents itself to you. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect, that everyone has flaws and that those sometimes are part of our learning lesson.

7 The ChariotFrom Angel Tarot: 7 – The Chariot. Archangel Metatron.

An important achievement. Self-discipline and willpower. Public recognition.

Your drive and focus will bring you success in your endeavors. A public recognition is in order so don’t be shy. You might be graduating, getting a new job, or a well-deserved promotion. Keep up the good work!

SeparationFrom the Romance Angels: Separation.

Time apart from your partner is on the horizon.

It might mean a divorce or just some time apart. Maybe you are not seeing each other as often as you would like, try to fill any time apart reading a book, focusing on work. This time apart is needed for your own personal growth and to break from the day to day habits. If you’re in a bad relationship, it means it is time to move on. Know that your angels will support you in every step of the way. Remember, Romance Angels are helping you!


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